About Us

what we offer

  • 1. Sales: We represent the top manufacturers and distributors of water features, fountains, aeration systems, sonic technology, natural bacteria and organic spray treatments in the United States.
  • 2. Services:
    Field service - We provide technical field service & repair for fountains, aeration systems, and ozone systems.

    Vegetation Management – specialized process of mechanical removal for cattail, algae, aquatic weed, trees, and bushes removed from ponds, lakes, streams, water falls, and creek beds.

    Biological microbe application -Spray techniques and treatments of specialized microbial species, food-grade water clarifiers, natural phosphate binders and pond dye.

  • 3. Installation: Complete installation of aeration and ozone equipment, fountains, and sonic technology.

We Believe in Green Technology

about-usBio ClearWater Solutions uses a green technology approach, tailor-made to your needs to solve water quality issues for your pond or lake aquatic ecosystem. We will design a non-chemical program to service your pond or lake to naturally balance it to a pristine, clear water body.

Degraded or Eutrophic ponds and lakes can be characterized by low levels of dissolved oxygen and highly stratified water. As anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) coabout-us2nditions begin to develop in the deeper water, naturally occurring aerobic microbes are trapped above the cooler nutrient rich, low oxygen water. They can no longer perform beneficial tasks such as waste digestion or water purification. Over time water quality greatly decreases leading to unsightly blooms of algae, the accumulation of organic sludge and the buildup of gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is well known for its offensive odor. Low oxygen levels can also lead to fish kills.

fountain-aboutAeration, “deep water diffusors and fountains,” acts to increase dissolved oxygen levels while eliminating water stratification. Specialized microbial species can then recolonize in deeper water where they rapidly begin to digest accumulated organic sludge and improve water quality. It continually keeps the water from becoming stagnant and stratified, and keeps oxygen levels high throughout the water column.

Lake and pond environments are highly dynamic ecosystems that rely on natural processes to maintain natural order. Today most ponds and lakes are bombarded with excess nutrients from multiple sources, which are further complicated by thermal stratification. Naturally occurring bacteria cannot keep up with this influx of nutrients. This leads to a shift in the natural balance in ponds and lakes and encourages the buildup of bottom sludge.

Bio Clear Water Solutions uses aeration, ozone, biological microbes, water clarifiers, vegetation management and sonic technology to assist in increasing oxygen levels, improve water quality and help restore a natural balance to the water body. No harmful chemicals, pesticide or herbicides are used.