What We Do

The BioBoostTM dramatically increases the efficiency of conventional aeration, which has not been improved for decades. By breaking up and separating bubbles, rise time and oxygen transfer rates are increased. Also, by dramatically increasing the area of the rising water column (by up to 250%), BioBoost brings more deoxygenated water to the surface, increasing de-stratification and off gassing.


bioBoost-logosymBioBoost, Aeration Reinvented.


The Process

logoround1BioBoost can be installed re-using existing infrastructure, reducing upfront costs. The BioBoost can be installed by onsite maintenance personnel, or by one of our certified installation experts.

logoround2BioBoosts advanced aeration starts turning over the waterbody and increases the microbial breakdown of organic sediment. This process increases oxygen and reduces odor naturally, reducing the need for harmful chemicals. In many cases, BioBoost has eliminated the need for chlorine treatments.

logoround3BioBoost is the perfect maintenance system, especially when supplemented with microbial treatments. BioBoost ensures your waterbody stays a focal point of our operations, not an eyesore.