Easy Pro Pond Products

The use of Natural Bacteria to help reduce sludge build-up and increase water quality is easy-pro-logowidely used and embraced. By adding billions of these natural occurring organisms, you can reverse the aging process of ponds that occurs when fish waste, leaves, dead weeds/algae, runoff, etc start to build up on the bottom. The results are improved water quality, reduced odors, improved oxygen levels and a better environment for fish and other aquatic life

Concentrated Water Clarifier (flocculant) helps clear murky, turbid water by attracting suspended particles together, settling them to the bottom where they are consumed by the bacteria. It also clears up murky water caused by inorganic particles (mud & clay).

easyPro-pgNatural Phosphate Binder for ponds (Phosphate)
High levels of phosphates can occur in ponds for a number of reasons including fertilizer runoff and an overpopulation of fish. Excess phosphate results in a number of problems. Ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes located on golf courses often encounter problems with high phosphates because of the runoff of phosphate fertilizers when it rains. By applying Natural Phosphate Binder to ponds and lakes it binds the problem causing phosphates and renders them inactive. This non-chemical product is environmentally friendly and can also be used as an all-natural replacement for aluminum sulfate (ALUM). Our phosphate binder is ideal for golf course ponds and water features because it is a natural pond treatment that will not harm fish, irrigation water or turf grass.

Concentrated lake dye is available in both blue and black. It is designed for use in large ponds & lakes. Each concentrated quart will treat an entire surface acre of pond water, (up to 2 million gallons). It will not stain birds, fish, plants, pets, or wildlife when applied at the recommended rate. For best results, product can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the use of a fountain, aerator, or similar mechanical device.